Top of the line sharpening and repair service

Takano offers a top of the line sharpening and repair service. The make of the shear is carefully examined, corrected and brought to a high performance level.

Every repair is thought to be personalized and brought back to the best functioning status possible.

Services offered

- Handle replacement
- Blade replacement
- Sharpening

    • All TAKANO scissors and other models in our products' list 13.00$
    • All other models 15.00$
    • All ‘RUSK’ models (swivel only) 18.00$
    • All Ceramics scissors 25.00$
    • Serrating / each blade (additional charge) 1.00$

    • Stopper - screw - washer replacement
    • Blade balancing
    • Blade tension alignment
    • Line up handles (from a handle’s line)

    * PARTS REPLACEMENT (parts & labour included)

    • Screw only All models 5.00$
    • Stopper only All models 2.00$
    • Detachable finger rest only All models 5.00$

    • Please notify us immediatly if you’re not satisfied.
    • Guarantee of 2 months and does not cover misuse, such as nicks on blades.

    • Scissors are normally returned via ICS Courier unless adviced differently.
    • A fee of 5.00$ per shipment will be applicable (for the Province of Quebec)
    • A fee of 7.50$ per shipment will be applicable (for everywhere else in Canada)


    * We do not accept the following types of scissor:
    1) Scissors that do not have a brand name marked on them.
    2) Scissors that are either very old and/or of too bad quality (according to our evaluation).
    * When sending a scissors for repair:
    1) Please attach only small tags on the scissors if necessary (no large tags).
    2) If you have special instructions, please write them on the work order form (not on the tags)
    and highlight the instructions with a yellow marker pen.
    3) Please do not enclose any customer name cards or other important papers inside the cases,
    plastic bags or envelopes.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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